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Create-A-Friend Dolls and Stuffed Animals

Come visit our stuffin' station in our barn studio and make a new heirloom quality doll or stuffed animal!   At Swan Bay Folk Art Center you can make your own doll by choosing your own eye color, skin color, hair color and style, and an outfit.  You will stuff your doll and do a minimal amount of hand sewing. 

It is appropriate for any age and can be done by an entire scout troop, a birthday party, or just one person. Upon completion you will receive an official birth certificate. 

The price is $35.00 per doll. 

We now also have a variety of animals for stuffing such as bears, penguins, frogs, tigers, and even moose.  The price for the stuffed animal Create a Friend is $20.00 each which includes a custom designed T-shirt.

Please call for an appointment. 

Many girl scout troops have used their cookie money for this special trip, and some have even returned the following year to celebrate their doll's birthday!   Please call ahead or use the contact form to schedule a visit to make your new friend.