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Meet the Flock

For the past 25 years, Swan Bay Farm has been committed to breeding sheep for the purpose of producing the finest quality wool.  This wool is exceptional for all fiber arts, especially spinning, felting, and making soft knitted and crocheted apparell.  

     Right now, we have nine ewes and one ram...with lots of lambs on the way.  (See descriptions below to meet some of them!)  The sheep are fed a multigrain mixture of oats, corn, and molasses once a day, fresh hay, and are able to graze on their five acre pasture at their leisure.  There are two barn sheds they can find shelter in at night or when it is raining or snowing.  They are shorn once every year by a specially trained shearer who travels to flocks throughout the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware area.  (He thinks our sheep are the healthiest and have most beautiful fleeces out of all the sheep he shears!)  

     We have two sheep events at our farm every year where you can come meet our sheep, Lamb Celebration Day, and Sheep Shearing Day.  Private tours are not available at this time. Our sheep are specially trained and come when they are called by their shepherdess.  When you come to meet our flock in person, you are sure to witness a great sheep stampeed when Niki calls, "Little Sheeeeep!!!!"  


Marshmallow was a rescue from another farm.  Her growth has been stunted due to lack of care by her previous owner.  She is now flourishing on our farm and is our friendliest ewe.  She will be the first to greet you when you come to visit the flock.  

Marshmallow is a Wensleydale-Costwold cross and produces the lovliest curly wool that is perfect for felting gnome and Santa beards. 


Boots is a black ewe with four white feet and a white patch on her head.  In 2013, she had twin boys (who we named Dwight and Jim.)  Dwight has a white patch on his head just like his mama. 


Fiona is Marshmallow's baby.  She is a yearling and is a Wenslydale/ Merino cross with a beautiful fleece like her mother.


Treble was purchased this year as a bottle fed lamb.  Her beautiful fleece even as a baby will be a great addition to our flock.  Treble is a Jacob/Wenslydale cross.


Ewenice, a yearling,  is a Wenslydale Cross.  She has the cutest face of any sheep I have ever seen.  She has incredibly soft curly wool that is great for spinning or felting.