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-------Tasty Tuesdays------
Second Tuesday and Thursday of Each Month
Come for a special treat & recipe centered around a newly designed basket for food and gift giving

Every Second Tuesday of the month, Niki will be introducing a new basket with a recipe and a tasty sample.  For those of you who love fun, food, gift-giving, and basketry....this new series of classes are for you! 

You do not have to make the featured basket...you can make any basket you would like from our description list.  No matter what basket you make, you will still receive a recipe and get to sample some delicious goodies.  

All classes will be from 7:00-9:00 pm at Swan Bay Folk Art Center. Space is limited to 10. 

Please sign up by calling Niki or contacting her with your basket selection. 

Message Center Basket $34.00

Tuesday, January 10, or Thursday, January 12

Each participant will weave a rectangular basket 4”x10” that attaches to the wall with a wipe board and pen incorporated into the design.  Samples of Chocolate Chip Sour Cream Cake will be served and the recipe will be included.  This basket is perfect for organizing your life.

Caramel Popcorn Basket  $30.00

Tuesday, February 14th or Thursday, February 16th  7-9pm

Create a Shaker catshead style basket  with a side handles to fill with caramel popcorn or other snack. You will receive the recipe for delicious caramel popcorn.

Irish Soda Bread Basket $30.00
Tuesday, March 14 or Thursday March 16  7-9pm

Each student will create an 8” round basket with green accents and a shamrock basket buckle to serve Irish Soda Bread.  Samples of the bread, and a recipe are included in this class
   Deviled Egg Basket, Tuesday April 11 OR Thursday April 13
7-9pm $35.00

     This round basket with a sturdy wooden bottom will hold 24 deviled eggs.  The basket includes a molded egg insert for your serving pleasure.  Enjoy some tasty deviled eggs while you create your new serving piece. 

Picnic Pal Basket, Tuesday May 9th OR Thursday May 11th

7-9 pm $32.00

      Each participant will weave an 14”x 10” rectangular basket with center handle, perfect for organizing your picnic serving necessities.  The basket includes a plastic insert for your relishes, or plastic ware and napkins.  Creme Brulee will be served with a little fresh fruit along with the recipe.

Cookie Basket, Tuesday June 13th OR Thursday June 15th

7-9pm $30.00

      Thumb print cookies using homemade jam will be served along with creating a 10” round cookie gift basket with colorful accents.

Blueberry baskets, Tuesday July 11th OR Thursday July 13th

7-9pm  $30.00

      Participants will weave two 6" round baskets with wooden center handles.  One can be kept and the other given away.  It makes a perfect gift when filled with baked goods, or soaps, or candles.  Blueberry Buckle will be sampled along with receiving the recipe for this delicious treat.

Zucchini Bread Basket, Tuesday August 8th OR Thursday August 10

7-9pm $32.00

     Zucchini bread is a perfect way to use this abundant crop from your garden.  Each participant will create a 6”x12” rectangular basket with handles on either side for easy serving.   A sample of this wonderful summertime treat and gift giving and serving ideas will be given.

Double Pie Basket Tuesday September 12th OR Thursday September 14th 7-9pm $40.00

       Perfect for serving your two best apple pies, this 12” square basket with accents of your choosing will surely please your family.  A wooden platform with legs is inserted to accommodate two pies.  Samples of apple pie along with the recipe will be given to each participant.

Pumpkin Roll Basket, Tuesday October 10th OR Thursday October 12th 7-9pm $35.00

     This round basket, has a wooden bottom and lid which can be woven with orange reed to serve your fall treats.  Homemade pumpkin rolls will be served along with the recipe.

Cranberry Orange Muffin Basket, Tuesday November 14th OR Thursday November 16th 7-9pm $30.00

     Students will create an oval serving basket with side handles using an oval slotted wooden base perfect for serving cranberry orange muffins. 

Woven Christmas Tree, Tuesday  December 12 OR Thursday December 14th , 7-9pm  $30.00

     Using an 8” wooden base and upright spokes, students will create a woven Christmas tree approximately 16" high, which can be be decorated to your liking.   A variety of Christmas cookies will be served along with the recipes.