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Basket Descriptions

Woven Bottom Baskets

** Indicates 2 baskets will be made during the class

B = Beginner level baskets     I = Intermediate level baskets     A= Advanced level baskets

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Twined or Solid Bottom Baskets
Wooden Base Baskets


These solid wooden bases are slotted to insert spokes.  They make a very sturdy basket that is beautiful and utilitarian.  Twining the spokes in place adds to the strength of the basket base.  

Framed Baskets
Clutter Buster Baskets

Anyone who has seen the television shows on organization or just looked around our own homes, realizes that we just have too much stuff. 

We all need some help finding places to systematically rearrange our belongings which ultimately will save time and money. 

We at Swan Bay Folk Art Center, also needing to find a solution to this problem, have decided to become proactive and make it possible for you to design and create your own custom-made organization baskets which we call CLUTTER BUSTERS. 

This is how it works:

  • Find a space in your home where clutter has become overwhelming, or a certain area of interest has taken over a space;

  • Pick a date that you would like to come from the contact form

  • measure the space you have, and 

  • Call or email your measurements to Niki. 
    Phone (609) 652-0366 or email


When you come to weave the basket you can choose to weave it with colored reed or seagrass accents, in a variety of widths of reed. 


Result: A custom-designed organizational Clutter Buster basket and a happier, more organized life.

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