SCOSA Classes at Swan Bay Folk Art Center in Port Republic

What is SCOSA?
The Stockton Center on Successful Aging promotes education, research, and services to respond to local, regional, and statewide needs related to population aging. The Center’s core mission is to encourage older residents to “age successfully” through vital involvements and engagement in their community.

Who can come?

Although these classes are designed with seniors in mind, ANYONE is welcome to sign up. 

How to Register

The easiest way to register is either email Niki from this site or or call  (609)652-0366.  There is no need to send a deposit.  We just ask that if you register and then decided not to come please contact us so we have the opportunity to fill your spot.   You will receive a confirmation email or phone call for any message that you leave.  

Niki Giberson partners with SCOSA

Niki Giberson has been asked to partener with SCOSA to bring classes to her classroom and farm in Port Republic.

The following classes will be taught by Niki Giberson at her Folk Art School and sheep farm in Port Republic, NJ, where she will be sharing her love of baking and cooking along with her desire to instruct participants in creating their own heirloom pieces

 Swan Bay Folk Art Center was established in 1988, located on Gary and Niki Giberson’s property in Port Republic, NJ which they share with their flock of sheep and laying hens. 
The folk art school was started primarily to teach children and adults to create their own pieces of history.

 Niki specializes in basketry and wool crafts using fiber from her own sheep.  Niki has a BA in Early American Crafts and Culture from Stockton University.

SCOSA Classes 2018 
at Swan Bay Folk Art Center

 Round storage basket with lid

Saturday, January 20 at 10am-12pm $35.00 

      Each participant will weave a 10”x 8” tall round basket with a twined bottom and wooden lid.  Samples of Spiced Apple Cake will be served and the recipe will be included.  

Start the new year off with this practical basket, perfect for organizing at least part of your life. 

Kitchen Utensil Basket 

Saturday, February 10, 10am-12pm $20.00

    Students have the option of weaving this 8” tall round wooden based basket in a regular or twill weave. Samples of the Best Chocolate Cake Ever and a recipe are included in this class.  

Baguette Basket

Saturday, March 10 at 10am-12pm.  $25.00

     Enjoy samples of homemade soft pretzels while creating a 16” long basket with a center handle, perfect for serving bread. Soft pretzel recipe will be available.


Wool Drying Basket

     Saturday, April 21, 10am-12pm $42.00

     To commemorate our sheep being sheared this month, we are featuring an 11” square basket with a 2 sturdy wooden handles and feet.  Homemade oatmeal bread will be sampled and the recipe will be given out so you can make your own bread.

Caramel Popcorn Basket

Saturday, May 19, 10am-12pm $32.00

    This month’s featured basket is a 12” round Shaker style basket with bushel basket handles and seagrass accents.  A recipe and samples of caramel popcorn will be served.

Picnic Pal Basket


Saturday, June 16, 10am-12pm $40.00

     Each participant will weave a 14” x 10” rectangular basket with center handle, perfect for organizing your picnic serving necessities.  The basket includes a plastic insert for your relishes, or plastic ware and napkins.  Sweet Crepes will be served along with the recipe.

Blueberry Lemon Muffin Basket


Saturday July 14, 10am-12pm $25.00

     Participants will weave an 8" round basket with seagrass or colored reed accents.  Blueberry lemon muffins will be served and the recipe will be available.

Double Pie Basket


Saturday, August 4, 10am-12pm $40.00

 Perfect for serving your two best pies, this Williamsburg style basket which tapers to 14" around  with accents of your choosing will please your family.  A wooden platform with legs is inserted to accommodate two pies.  Samples of Key Lime pie along with the recipe will be given to each participant.

Casserole Basket

Saturday, September 22, 10am-12pm $30.00

     This basket fits a 9”x13” baking dish. With accents of your choosing, this will surly be a great way to serve any meal or dessert.  Samples of Upside Down Apple Cake along with the recipe will be given to each participant.

Pumpkin Dip Basket

Saturday, October 27, 10am-12pm $38.00

     This round basket, has a 10" wooden bottom with an attached lazy Susan for keeping the pumpkin dip moving.  Homemade pumpkin dip will be served along with the recipe. 


CranBerry Orange Muffin Basket

Saturday, November 3, 10am -12pm $25.00

     Students will use an 8" oval wooden slotted base to create a serving basket with leather  handles.  This basket is perfect for serving maple scones which will be served along with the recipe.  


Woven Christmas Tree (Canceled)

    Saturday, December 8, 10am -12pm $30.00

     Students will create a festive handwoven tree using an 8" wooden base.  There are many options available for decorating your tree at your local crafts store.  Christmas cookies with recipes will be served at this class.