SCOSA Classes at Swan Bay Folk Art Center in Port Republic

What is SCOSA?
The Stockton Center on Successful Aging promotes education, research, and services to respond to local, regional, and statewide needs related to population aging. The Center’s core mission is to encourage older residents to “age successfully” through vital involvements and engagement in their community.

Who can come?

Although these classes are designed with seniors in mind, ANYONE is welcome to sign up. 

How to Register

The easiest way to register is either email Niki from this site or or call  (609)652-0366.  There is no need to send a deposit.  We just ask that if you register and then decided not to come please contact us so we have the opportunity to fill your spot.   You will receive a confirmation email or phone call for any message that you leave.  

Niki Giberson partners with SCOSA

Niki Giberson has been asked to partener with SCOSA to bring classes to her classroom and farm in Port Republic.

The following classes will be taught by Niki Giberson at her Folk Art School and sheep farm in Port Republic, NJ, where she will be sharing her love of baking and cooking along with her desire to instruct participants in creating their own heirloom pieces

 Swan Bay Folk Art Center was established in 1988, located on Gary and Niki Giberson’s property in Port Republic, NJ which they share with their flock of sheep and laying hens. 
The folk art school was started primarily to teach children and adults to create their own pieces of history.

 Niki specializes in basketry and wool crafts using fiber from her own sheep.  Niki has a BA in Early American Crafts and Culture from Stockton University.

 SCOSA 2019 
Swan Bay Folk Art Center

 Heart with Handle
Saturday, February 2, at 10am-12pm $27.00 

      Just in time to celebrate Valentine’s Day, this 10" heart shaped basket with twisted handle is perfect filled with sweet treats or just hung on a wall for decoration.  The best chocolate cake will be served and the recipe will be available.

Irish Soda Bread Basket

Saturday, March 9, at 10am-12pm $25.00

     Participants will weave an 8"round twined bottom basket and sample the best Irish Soda Bread ever.  Recipe will be shared.

Cupcake Basket

Saturday, April  13 at 10am-12pm.  $40.00

    This is the ultimate cupcake serving basket.   It fits 24 cupcakes and has a decorative wrapped center handle and measures 8”x 20”x 4” high.   Carrot cupcakes will be served along with the recipe. 


Cookie Basket

 Saturday, May 11, 10am-12pm $30.00

     A wooden slotted base makes this 8” round, leathered handled basket a great cookie serving basket.  Soul Cookies will be sampled (this cookie has everything from potato chips, chocolate, pretzels and more). It makes your soul feel good.  Recipe will be included.

Tote with Wooden Handle

Saturday, June 8, 10am-12pm $40.00

      A perfect basket for magazines, file folders, or books. It is 8"x15"x15".   Strawberry Shortcake will be enjoyed along with the recipe.

New Gift Basket


Saturday, July 13, 10am-12pm $25.00

     Participants will complete two 6” square baskets with a center handle accented with seagrass or colored reed.  Blueberry buckle will be available for tasting along with the recipe.  

Harvest Basket

Saturday August 24, 10am-12pm $45.00

     Do you need a basket for harvesting your garden produce, or for projects?  This may be your answer.  It is 12’x8”x12” high and has wooden bushel basket handles.  Peach crisp bars will be sampled along with the recipe.

Apple Picking' Basket


Saturday, September 14, 10am-12pm $42.00

 A stencil strip that you can hand-paint with apples or colorful accent strips, and two bushel basket handles makes this 12" round basket perfect for apple picking or just as a cheerful addition for decorating. Spiced apple walnut cake will be served along with the recipe to get in the mood of the season.

Farmers Market Basket

Saturday, October 26, 10am-12pm $40.00


     This 10" x 10" x 14" rectangular basket would be very useful for gardening or carrying home your produce from market.  It has an oak center grip handle.  Pumpkin Salted Caramel cheesecake will be shared along with the recipe.

Glove Basket

Saturday, November 9, 10am-12pm $38.00


Weave this 12" x 4" x 8" basket, hang it on the wall, and never again will you be looking for lost gardening or winter gloves.  Pumpkin cake topped with pumpkin whipped cream will be served along with the recipe.



     Woven Christmas Tree 

Saturday, December 7 10am -12pm $30.00

     Students will create a festive handwoven tree using an 8" wooden base.  There are many options available for decorating your tree at your local crafts store.  Christmas cookies with recipes will be served at this class.