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Needle Felting

What is needle felting?  


Needle felting is a way of using a special barbed needle to scuplt the fibers of wool into a desired form.  The fibers of wool are compressed together until they are forced to essentially become felt.  Have you ever thrown a wool sweater into a washing machine by accident?  You may have not known this, but it was the aggitation, not the water that caused the wool to felt.  Needle felting uses the same idea to aggitate wool to form it into any shape or design you can imagine!    


Needle Felting classes are offerend on request for groups of 3 people or more.  All the wool that we use is from our very own sheep at Swan Bay Farm! Please call or use our contact form or call Niki (609) 652-0366 to schedule a class.  


Some classes we have offered in the past:  

  • Birds   

  • Snowmen

  • Fairies

  • Leprechauns

  • Pumpkins

  • Santa


Classes range from $10 to $15 per person and include all supplies.  

**Warning** This craft is highly addictive!  Once you've caught the "felting bug" you are limited only by your imagination!


We also sell plenty of beautifully dyed wool roving, foam pads, felting needles, and kits with all you need for fun felting projects.  

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